Intake Specialist

Urgently Hiring.

Must be available to start immediately

Pay: $28 an hour

FULL JOB DESCRIPTION: The Denver migrant intake center is the primary coordination node responsible for receiving newly arriving guests to the State and ensuring they are properly evaluated and processed for a temporary stay in the shelter system within the greater Denver area. Staff provide briefings on expectations, assist in intaking guests, screen them for any illnesses and refer to medical support as needed, and ensure they have sufficient food, hydration, and comfort while awaiting transportation to a designated shelter.

JOB TYPE: Full-time and Mandatory Overtime contract position


Responsible for escorting guests into the receiving area and briefing them on the intake center process, addresses any questions, and briefs the guests on what they can expect during their stay to help manage expectations. Announces the Intake process to clients, how the queue works, provides information about the facility (i.e., rules, restrooms, etc.), as well as answers any questions about the Intake Process. Regularly communicates updates to clients, particularly if anything changes in the process. Indicates to clients which processing table to go to when it is their turn for Intake, as well as intercepts clients with questions so that the client does not interrupt Processing Agents who are working with other clients.

Must speak Spanish fluently

Must treat guests with care and respect

Masks are not required but will be provided.


  • 6 days a week, 10 hours a day
  • Holidays
  • Weekend availability

Work Remotely: No

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